Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday afternoon update - not much to report #MountainsforMaggie

I so appreciate what many of you have said - both its spirit and its content.  "Y'all aren't posting as much.  I need to know what's going on!"

Two things of note on this.

First, we aren't posting as much as last summer because there hasn't been as much to say.  As I type, she is blissfully in afternoon-nap-mode and couldn't be more angelic.  Her health situation is the same as yesterday, so there's not much to update.

Second, this has been a more predictable path than last summer.  I'm grateful for that, even though the path hasn't been easy.  But we have certain milestones out in front of us and know how we move forward.  Again, we're grateful.

So, with that behind us, here's the afternoon update.

She has done very well overall.  If you have physically seen her (or could), you would think that there's just not very much wrong with the girl.  She's walking, talking, expressing herself, ordering people around, giggling, giving high-fives, and overall in good shape externally.

The internal part still has some work to do.  We still need lungs to clear (which will allow the chest tubes to come out).  We also still need the pericardial effusion not to get any bigger.  There are possibilities of us going home with the pericardial effusion still present, as long as it doesn't get any bigger.

It'd be fine with me if God went ahead and dealt with it divinely.

So that's how you can pray.  Her lungs to clear the extra liquid.  Her heart to clear this effusion.

Thanks for standing with us.

Trent (for all of us)

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