Monday, September 14, 2015

She loves Cinderella

Outside of an early morning x-ray waking her, the Minion has really had a pretty good night.  We have seen a lot of her personality return, which is always so encouraging.  She is moving more and enjoyed seeing her siblings and one set of grandparents yesterday.

One of the cute little developments is how much she likes Cinderella, the old Disney cartoon.  The Queen thinks it's because of the animated animals.  No matter what, it's super cute when she asks for "Cindawella."

Some quick prayer requests...

1.  We're still draining (and leaking) from one of the chest tubes.  It'd be awesome to have that process wrap up.  But we're not there yet.  But it'd be awesome.

2.  We want to be intentional with her moving around even more.  That will help with a bunch of things, but we don't want to overdo anything.  

3.  We have had some sweet sweet moments.  A few more would simply be gifts.

Thanks for all who pray.  God's got this.