Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Morning Update #MountainsforMaggie

As the Queen reported yesterday, it was a good interaction day with a dose of medical regression.  She has fluid collecting around her heart (a pericardial effusion for those keeping score at home).  That's a definitive step backward.  Accompanying that is a significant uptick in her chest tube drainage.  Comparatively, she drained twice as much in a 12-hour period yesterday than she did in a 24-hour period two days ago.

I can say this:  while they are being proactive in their treatment of it, no one is hopping up and down and getting particularly excited.  Think a raised eyebrow rather than a full-on fit.  They're on it.  They're watching closely.  And we are grateful.

She had a great night, enjoyed visiting with one of her favorite people.  She laughed some.  We got out and roamed the halls a bit.  She slept reasonably well for all the medically necessary interruptions she experienced.  As I type this now, she's still peacefully enjoying La-La-Land.

You can pray today that her body catches up to the fluid issue.  My sense of things is that's what everyone wants - her body to process the extra and misplaced and move it on out.

And you can pray for another sweet day in the midst of the medically necessary.  I love it when she smiles that little wry grin of hers and her eyes get replaced by the dimples on her cheeks.

Thank you one and all.

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