Thursday, September 10, 2015

A brief overnight update #MountainsforMaggie

Thanks for and to all who have prayed for our little Minion.  She is currently fitfully resting, begging for water and all manner of fluids...which we can't give to her.

"Daddy, can I have some coffee?"

Yes.  That's how desperate she is.

Outside of that, her personality seems to be very much intact and vibrant.  "Don't tell me, 'Not Yet!'" might have drawn a few laughs from the nursing corps.

Apparently tomorrow they get her up and moving.  You can pray for the Physical Therapist who gets that assignment.  By all accounts, though, she's progressing just like they want her to progress.

Our lives were filled up and minds distracted by the folks who showed up at the hospital yesterday.  Family and Framily.  Parents.  Sister.  Brother-in-Law.  Best friends.  We are apart of the greatest church - people who take days off to spend it with us in a waiting room, a birthday celebrated at the hospital, and others.  Two pastor friends ponied up for Torchy's Tacos for lunch.  On and on.  Gratitude.

It's interesting being here and seeing some of the same people again.  So many we remember and several remember her from last summer.  It make me grateful all over again for what God saw us through and gives me a jolt of faith for getting through the next several days.  It's also pretty awesome that she has touched so many up here.  Four different docs stopped by to say hi, only one of which was actually assigned to this floor.  Her life has touched many.  May it be for decades to come.

Prayer requests for the morning:

1.  The fluid on her lungs and in her thoracic cavity drains efficiently.  This is a big key in getting us out of CVICU and down to the regular cardiac floor.  That would be a big win and would put us closer to home.

2.  Some semblance of normal rest for our princess.  Right now, it's so-so.  More starts and fits rather than deep breaths and relaxed muscles.

3.  Stability and rhythm for the Big Three.  School is a gift in that way.  And Nana does math homework for a living, so that's a help.

4.  Her story and life to make a difference.

Thanks for waking this road (again) with us.

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  1. Prayer for Maggie, you, Ginny and the Big Three! God is good!!