Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NT75 Day 10: Hebrews 1-3 - In bringing many sons to glory #NT75

" bringing many sons to glory..."

That's quite a phrase.  The Father had a unique Son through whose sacrifice He was bringing many sons to glory.  He gave one that He would gain many.  And His plan:  to bring them to glory.


He means no more pain or cancer or (as I sit in a hospital and write this) heart defects.  He means no more tears over loss or grief.  He means no more reign of terror by sin or temptation to resubmit to that terrible taskmaster.

But as much as it will not be, it will be even more.  It will be forever with Him.  It will be joy and full, satisfying pleasure forevermore.  It will be moment by moment displays of His kindness.  It will be radiant and sunless because He will be our light.  It will be consummation in the best way.

He's bringing many sons to glory through Jesus.  That's good news.

** Just a brief P.S.  When the Bible talks about "sons" like this, it includes the ladies too.  Sonship is a position of inheritance and blessing and the women are very obviously not excluded.  Don't get tripped up on the metaphorical language any more than a man should get tripped up on being part of the Bride of Christ (which the church is sometimes called) **

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