Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Re-booting the blog and #MountainsforMaggie

I have intentionally taken some respite from writing here regularly and now am re-opening for business in a way.  Not only is our church family going through the New Testament in 75 Days (a super little exercise that you can still join in on - info here), but we are headed back in for the heart procedure for our little Minion.

I'm writing this the morning of pre-op.  I'll be waking her up and heading in close to an hour from now where there will be tests galore and information abundant and paperwork in reams.

And then tomorrow she will have the heart procedure we have known was coming but wish we could postpone (forever, preferably).  For those wondering, it's a procedure where they unhook the inferior and superior vena cava and attach those directly to the lungs, which allows her heart to only pump red blood and not the red-blue mixture which it has been doing.

The surgery will be tomorrow (Wednesday) first thing.  It's expected to be an all-day affair and be followed by several days in the CVICU and then 2-3 weeks on the regular cardiac floor.

The two questions people have asked are the two I will answer below:

1.  She looks so good, so why are you doing this?  Minion does look good.  And she's so funny and talkative these days.  It seems almost silly to move forward now.  But like with a lot of life, what appears great on the outside is trouble on the inside.  She is a ticking time bomb for her heart to throw off another clot (because of her anatomy) and remains a significant stroke-risk.

2.  How are y'all doing?  Great question.  The other kids seem to be taking it mostly in stride and have a great distraction in the regular rhythm of school.  I live somewhere between freaked out, scared out of my mind, and Here I Raise My Ebenezer (a line in a song that prompts me to remember that God brought her this far and is with us now, with faith that He will take care of her tomorrow too).  The Queen is...she's awesome.  She's not only prepared our house for all of this but did so in a way that kept most of us busy and our minds off of the day.  She's amazing.  I think she's scared too, but she has the kind of faith that stated yesterday, "I believe God's got this."  Amen.

We will be updating regularly on the blogs and via social media.  Thanks for all who will stop and pray as things unfold.  We are so grateful.


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