Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#NT75 Day 23: Acts 4-8 Obeying God rather than men

Peter makes the declaration in Acts 5 that he and John (and all the rest) must obey God rather than men.  That's a gutsy statement when you're facing the people who could cause you pain or death.

This is the same Peter who wouldn't confirm that he was with Jesus in front of a little servant girl.

This is the same Peter who Jesus compared to Satan because he was on the wrong agenda.

Gutsy.  Bold.  Anything but tame.

I can think of a few instances in my life where more boldness should have been my response.  Whether it was embarrassment or pain or something else, I didn't step up.

Like Peter.

But I want to step up, speak the truth, say what needs to be said, and live faithfully no matter the cost.

Like Peter.

And here's the hope for me today:  if God made a bold man out of a not-so-bold man once, maybe just maybe He'd do it again.  Once for Peter.  This time for me.

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