Saturday, September 12, 2015

NT75 Day 6: Matthew 23-28 Jesus and the Least of These

Every time I engage the story Jesus told in Matthew 25 I'm stirred.  Sometimes it's maelstrom.  Sometimes it's sweet tea.  Every time it's a stirring.

When it comes to separating sheep and goats, Jesus certainly knows what He's doing.  And He doesn't say one is a sheep because of this or that.  Quite the opposite.  The sheep are already sheep and so act like their Shepherd.

This is what stirs me though...

Jesus consistently identifies with the least.

It's not a matter of Him helping them.  It's not a matter of Him advocating for them.  He doesn't raise money for them or highlight their cause or legislate on their behalf.

He identifies with them.

Jesus identifies with the least to such a degree that when I act toward them as a follower of Jesus should, I'm actually doing it to Him.  It's that kind of identification.

Sometimes the stirring makes me think about the way I interact with those who can't do anything for me.  Sometimes the stirring torques me around to give voice for orphans and unborn.  At least that was this week.

But every time, every time (!), I am stirred to love Him more.  Identifying with the least:  that's the kind of Lord who is worth following.

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  1. I never thought about it just that way, that in his his identification with them, our good for them is for Him. This makes it clearer for me. Thanks, Trent.