Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday morning update #MountainsforMaggie

There were some great moments yesterday and some not so great ones.  I guess that's the rhythm of heart surgery.  Tonight has been the same.  She has had almost 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep, which is by far the most she's strung together that I know about.  Color us grateful.

There are some super-sweet moments of lucidity and responsiveness.  And there are some drug-induced moments of near comatose.  It's frustrating...but I suspect par for the course.

Here's how you can pray:

1.  No neurological complications with the cardiac procedure.  One more way for God to protect her little body.

2.  Eventually, Minion is going to need to catch up on rest.  We all will.  When we get that time, we will be ready to meet it and grateful for it.

3.  Her chest tubes have slowed significantly on their drainage.  It'd be awesome if those could move toward being a non-necessity.  Same with some of the extra IV lines she has in.

Thanks for standing with us.  God's got this.

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