Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday morning update #MountainsforMaggie

My wife, the lovely Queen, updated on Facebook yesterday and so there's not much to add to it.  Again, the plan is to do an echo this morning, get it read, and determine whether or not there's a surgical procedure this afternoon.  That procedure most likely would be inserting some sort of drain into the pericardium and leaving it in for a couple of days.  It involves another night in the ICU and then, Lord willing, back down to the regular cardiology floor.  Nothing's changed on that.

For someone who has been through so much, she's incredibly resilient.  She has also slept very well the past few nights when I've been here.  Even last night, when they messed with her considerably, she went back to sleep and is now peaceful beside me.  What a gem, this little one of ours.

Of note, her little heart rate drops significantly when she goes into REM sleep.  It drops to the point that the doctors got a bit nervous last night.  All of the rest of the stuff they look for (pulses strong in the extremities, good return to normal color when they touch skin, normal temperature, etc.) is just fine.  She just really relaxes when she sleeps.  And her heart slows.

You can pray as the Queen noted in her Facebook post:

- Things go well with the echo this morning and we get some answers

- It'd be awesome not to have to do a surgical procedure on my little Minion, but if that's what we need in order to move forward, then pray for success with that

- The docs to have a collective wisdom beyond experience, training, and education in order to determine the best path

- No complications from anything

- Her story to make a difference.  I don't believe God wastes anything, and certainly not pain and scars

Thanks again for standing with us.  God's got this.

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