Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NT75 Day 2: Matthew 5-7 and the Power of When

There's a little word in the Sermon on the Mount that is what stuck out to me in today's reading.  It's the word repeated in chapter 6.


When you give.  When you pray.  When you fast.  When.

Jesus works on the assumption that in order to live the kind of life He is teaching about in Matthew 5-7, you and I will participate in what are classically called the spiritual disciplines.  Those are things we discipline ourselves to do in order to grow spiritually (prayer, Bible reading, worship, service, fasting, praying, solitude, etc.).

He's clear on how to do some of those things.  But He's abundantly clear on His assumption that we actually will.  They are the power cord of the spiritual life - the thing that keeps us connected to the source of transformation in life.


The critique for me today is His assumption and my sometimes-I-will-and-sometimes-I'm-too-busy life.  If I want to be transformed, the spiritual disciplines are a necessity.

They are a "When."

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