Saturday, September 26, 2015

#NT75 Day 20: Luke 19-24 Getting what is Due

Today's reading encompassed the final days and moments of Jesus' life as told in Luke.

One particular thing caught my attention, one which I know I've read before and it's grabbed me because it's circled in my Bible.

Jesus is hanging on the cross with the two thieves.  One thief is ridiculing Him.  The other is talking to Him.  At one point, the latter says the former, "We're getting what is due us."

They were getting what they deserved.  Jesus was not.  But that was the situation.

That reminds me of the situation I'm in.  I am due something.  And it's not good.  I can sin with the best of them.  But Jesus has died on a cross and I don't get what I'm due.

That's the Gospel.

And as we head to church tomorrow, remember that.  Remember that we don't get what is due to us.  We get Him instead.

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