Wednesday, July 2, 2014


The past 24 hours has been pretty brutal.  I described it to my friend Dave like this:  we're the corks, the circumstances have been the hurricane.

Just a quick bit of backstory:

Over the weekend, the Minion ran a fever and in her cute 2-year old way complained of left arm pain.  She was checked out by the docs at Texas Children's Hospital on Sunday morning and sent home:  it's viral.  Monday morning, after being home with me a couple of hours, she didn't want to walk on her left leg.  A call to the cardiology team, and she was admitted for observation and fluids.

At 4am Tuesday morning, she woke up hungry and I went to feed her and she had a significant involuntary tremor in her left arm.  The nurse was with me and saw it.  She called the cardiology resident who saw it.  She called the cardiology fellow who saw it.  But it went away.

Questions abounded:  blood chemistry because of the high amount of fluids being IV'd into her?  Something else?

The Queen and I did the kid switch at about 9:30 Tuesday morning.  The Big Three, who don't catch cramps during big games and of whom I couldn't be prouder for hanging in there, got to see the Minion and then we headed home.  15 minutes into our 35 minute drive home, the dearest friend of the Queen called me to say Minion had a stroke and was left-side flaccid.

Cue the freaking hurricane.

Bottom line of the 4:02 AM moment:  we've ruled out some pretty bad stuff but have some big questions still on the table.

God has moved mountains once for her.  Indeed, we need another geological relocation project.

1.  For no further brain bleeds - she has apparently had two, separated by a period of weeks.

2.  For recovery on her left side.

3.  For questions to become answers.

4.  For The Big Three to have a great weekend with their extremely awesome aunt and uncle.

5.  For the Queen (typical vocabulary cannot describe her awesomeness) and me to remain afloat.  I believe it is your prayers that have made us corks in the hurricane instead of victims thereof.

Trent @ 4:07 AM, Wednesday

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