Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Update and Prayer Requests and the Power of Hope

The Queen has already posted about the incredible Friday we had.  Thank you, Jesus.  Hope has the amazing ability to steel our resolve and boost our energy for the task at hand.  We're grateful for an injection of hope when it was much needed.

Some quick prayer requests for the morning:

1.  Ongoing recovery in her left side and right field of vision.

2.  Another good, happy, moments-of-Maggie day.  There were spots when she looked like her, not the kid who's been hospitalized for almost three weeks.

3.  No new bad news.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  

4.  For the Big Three to know they're loved and cared for just as much as the Minion.  

5.  We got some news yesterday that one of the things we'd been looking forward to as a family is not going to happen.  We're disappointed but understand completely.  A specific prayer request on that:  we'd find the right thing to do in order to replace it and make memories as a family.

6.  For all who prayed for our VBS at church, some 300 kids were involved and 22 of them trusted Christ.  Awesome.  Please continue to pray for our church.  We have a big meeting this weekend about bring a children's pastor - someone I'm ridiculously excited about having on board.  You can ask for God's leadership to be clear.

Lastly, before all the insanity, I used to chase the Minion around the house saying, "I'm gonna getcha.  I'm gonna getcha.  I'm gonna getcha!"  She would run and flail and then bust into laughter.  


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