Sunday, July 13, 2014

Esse Quam Videri

I was razzed (not inappropriately, I might add) by the Queen about the Mr. Rogers nature of my last post versus her last post.  Truthfully, I was thinking about the blissful and sleeping child before me and the good morning we had.  I hadn't toured the long-term inpatient rehab floor.  I hadn't known to be so dang worried about the PVC's with her heart.

Therefore, it was a pretty good day in my neighborhood.  But no, the Queen wasn't being Eeyore.  In fact, it was almost prophetic.

The Minion had more episodes that we later determined were seizures throughout the day Saturday.  It was evident that something was wrong and a CT scan quickly brought even my blissfully ignorant outlook into a collision with medical realities I wish I didn't understand.

There was more swelling.

Maggie was put back in the PICU, neurosurgery was brought in, and they relieved some of the pressure via an inserted tube.  I'm sure the Queen can do medical justice to this.  Look for her post later.  She's trying to catch a few zzz's right now.

It was scary.

So prayer requests as I see them:

1.  We need NO pressure, pressure-related problems, new clots, new bleeds, or anything else.  

2.  We want the body to work as God intended and heal like God designed it to heal.

3.  We desire full restoration of her left side and vision.

4.  We wish that God would bless the doctors and nurses who have been so kind and the friends and family who have been amazing.  Where people have poured out, we want them to receive.

A year or so ago, I went and spoke to the Forge at Pine Cove, the leadership development program.  They gave me a super-awesome t-shirt and on the back it says, "Esse Quam Videri" which means "To be, not to seem."  When I put that t-shirt on this morning, it was a prayer for Maggie and us.  That she would actually be better, not just look better.  And that we would be people who lived out what we said was true, even when it is hard and faith is as thin as sewing thread.  

May we all be, not just seem.


  1. Be better, not just seem better.

    May it be so, Lord Jesus.


  2. Maggie and your family are in our daily prayers.

  3. We are a Pine Cove family that also know some in your congregation at Heritage Park. Please know we are following your story and praying!!! Families Forever!

  4. The people of First Baptist Church, Pasadena, TX are also praying for you, your family, and the complete healing of your sweet girl.