Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Morning Update and Amazement #MountainsForMaggie #PrayForMaggie

So far, we have had a pretty quiet night.  The Minion is sleeping so soundly beside me and it's wonderful.  I'd sometimes sneak into her room at night when I was going to bed and see her sleeping peacefully.  This isn't quite that, but it's close enough.

Some prayer requests for the morning:

1.  Swelling to go down in the left leg.

2.  We have a big MRI and CT scan today.  I'm not really sure how to pray for the outcome, because if they find something or don't - both have their challenges.  She will be sedated for quite some time, which is scary in so many ways.  You can certainly pray for safety and clarity.

3.  Ongoing healing and restoration of her left side and vision.

4.  I'm a little tired of the 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps back rhythm.  If that's griping, then I'll own it. But I'd sure like to take a couple of steps forward and live in that zip code for a while.

Here's the amazement part.  As I stated in an earlier post, my father-in-law the Judge gave us some space at the Marriott across the street from TCH.  It's been a place of respite and a soft bed (without disrupting other people's lives, which we did for a few days to friends-who-are-family and who continually offer).

I checked in the other day and the gal behind the counter was professional:  "Can I help you with something, sir?"

"Ma'am, the problems I'm having right now - I don't think you can help me with those.  But I do have a reservation."

Name, credit card info, etc. were exchanged.

Right before she handed me the keys, she asked very kindly and sweetly if I was sure she couldn't help with anything else.  I, in a moment of social weakness, told her that my daughter was in the hospital and unless she had a miracle tucked under her black blazer, she had rendered to me exactly what I needed - some room keys.

I leave, come back to the hospital, and then go back to the Marriott that evening.  Sitting in our room is this along with a stuffed animal (you can click on it if you can't read it):

The kindness of strangers is an amazing gift.

I walked downstairs on the hunt for her and her manager.  When I saw her, I walked up and hugged her and told her how grateful I was and how I hoped she hugged strangers.  Her GM isn't in until today, so I have a conversation coming with him next.  

Color me grateful.

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  1. Thank the Lord for unexpected kindnesses. All are diligently praying for you here.