Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Morning Update and Prayer Requests

If you haven't yet read my wife's reflections on yesterday, she has posted a redwood among saplings.  You can find it her:  Lenses.  Yes, it's that good.  Yes, you should read it right now.

Outside of two noisy nurses, it was a quiet evening with the Minion.  We had friends come by and visit.  I particularly love watching those who treat her as they would their own daughter.  She slept pretty well and all her numbers have stayed where they are supposed to be.  Yesterday was the second good day in a row, something we haven't had in this 4-week adventure.

Four weeks.

Four weeks ago, the Bear and I were flying home from a camp where I was preaching.  We were joking about delayed flights and delayed baggage and rejoicing in the cool things God had done at camp and the people we had seen.  Little did we know we'd have all of this out in front of us.

Picking up on my wife's post, my exhortation to one and all (ME most of all) is to take a moment and be grateful for what is because you never know what you're flying home to and what changes to life that might bring.  Whatever today holds, may God teach us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Ps. 90.10).

Prayer requests for the morning:

1.  A third good day.  Three in a row.  O, let it be.

2.  No bad news today.  We're back in the PCU and typically leave after a day or two in a rush to brain surgery or some other dark place.  We don't want any of that.

3.  If we can begin to hit stride with all of this hospital time and what remains of it, that would be great.  We're still slightly out of sorts and The Big Three are still not in our possession right now.  As part of good days and no bad news, it'd be great to hit stride as a couple and parents.

4.  This one is smaller and more personal, but I'm hoping to preach Sunday.  In doing so, I want to make sure what is said puts Christ front and center and not our family, certainly not me.  His Word is the one that matters here.  On that note, our staff (and a cadre of volunteers) has been awesome.  So grateful for them.

Thanks for standing with us.

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  1. May God be glorified! So very proud of you and Ginny on this journey. You have shown love and grace through all of it .God knew where to place this precious orphan girl to find love and hope in a dark world. May HE continue to bless all of you and give you much needed strength and rest. May HIS name be lifted high! Love you guys.