Saturday, July 5, 2014

Small victories and answered prayers

It's been a fairly uneventful night.  Thank you, Father, for that.

Brief Update:

Maggie is eating applesauce and things like it.  That sure makes her tummy feel better.  Though she is getting calories through her IV, it is not the same as when your tummy is full.  She also has, it seems to me, more mobility in her left leg.  I did not personally see the movement that the Queen videoed and posted to Facebook.  So I'm comparing what I saw before I left for a few winks of sleep with what I saw tonight during feeding.  Thank you, Father, for that.

We're also moving to a private room in CVICU.  There's talk of us transferring down to PICU because of her neuro stuff.  We'll wait and see.

Our little nurse-of-the-night Chelsea has been terrific.  I came around the corner from a quick restroom break to Chelsea holding the Minion's head, stroking her cheek, and doing things that her mom would do.  It was a physical demonstration of what so many of you are doing:  cradling her, holding her as if she were your own.  Thank you.

A couple of prayer requests to start out the morning:

1.  No more injury.  No permanent damage.

2.  Clear diagnosis.

3.  Continued left side recovery.

4.  Open eyes.  The fluid they're working to draw out of her is the stuff, we think, that's keeping her eyes closed from swelling, heaviness, and general discomfort.  I want to see her eyes again, and for those eyes to work.

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  1. Continued prayers for little Maggie's healing and full recovery. Also that God will give you and Ginny physical and spiritual strength to face each day. God will provide.