Friday, July 18, 2014

I love to watch her sleep

It's whatever time it is in the morning, still dark as night outside, and I can't help but think how much I love to watch my baby girl sleep.  After quite a day of struggle and fight, some peace comes with deeper breaths and closed eyes and a super-soft animal blanket covering legs and arms.


Some prayer requests for the day:

1.  They are able to remove the EVD, the tube which is implanted in her head and helps drain extra fluid.  Apparently, it won't be pretty when they do.  But we're all ready for them to do it.  And if we can get that out, we are probably freed from PICU (assuming no other complications) and can move to the Progressive Care Unit (PCU).

2.  Ongoing answers to the questions that are still out there.  Are we 100% confident we have a diagnosis?  What kinds of treatment options do we pursue to fight against this happening again?

3.  No more bad news - no bleeds, no reactions, no clots, no infections, no irritation, no fussiness.  No bad news.

4.  There have been at least two families here that have done The Parade.  That's my term for it but it's horrible, terrifying to watch. The Parade is the line of people who are allowed back bedside to say goodbye.  I see that, I watch...and my sympathy for them turns into prayers and I'm scared as @#%@#$ because of where my little girl is laying right now.  I don't know names or situations, but you can pray for them too.

5.  And I'm serious about this:  please ask God's blessing upon all those who have blessed us.  We have docs, nurses, therapists, Framily near, and Framily afar that have stayed with us, watched over our kiddo, come by to check just because they care, allowed the Queen and I to walk to the cafeteria together, sat up late so we could sleep a bit, sent the kindest words of encouragement, provided food, cut our lawn, entertained The Big Three, washed and folded our underwear, and a thousand other things.  And most of all, they have stayed with us and not grown weary.  May God bless them in return - they have taken Jesus seriously when He said that it's better to give than receive.  And now may they be blessed and receive His blessings in return.

Sprint has this commercial right now about Framily - friends and family and friends-who-are-family (I only wish I was creative enough to have coined the phrase).  We don't have to have a commercial about it.  We are living it.

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