Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Evening Update: 4 Days in a Row

It's our fourth good day in a row.  The Bear and I landed four weeks ago yesterday after speaking at a camp when all this craziness started.  Since, we haven't had two good days strung together yet.  Now we have four.

Four days.

Four days of playing.  Four days of smiling.  Four days of snuggling.  Four days of therapy.  Four days of encouragement.  Four days of rhythm.  Four days of progress.  Four days of personality.  Four days of speaking.  Four days of cognition.  Four days of improvement.

Four days.

I don't remember being so happy about any particular four consecutive days in my forty years.

I know we're not entitled to a fifth.  The fear of all of that lurks like some specter in a Scooby-Doo episode, though without the neat little bow of unmasking the ghost or exclamations of "Zoikes!"  Having watched so much here, I know we're not entitled to a fifth day.

But man, I'm hoping for one.

Here are prayer requests for Saturday evening and Sunday:

1.  A fifth day.  Enough said.

2.  Bed space on the rehab floor for Monday.  Let the intense road to recovery begin.

3.  Lord willing, I will preach tomorrow morning.  I hope it's full of joy and gravity.

4.  We have the Wonder Twins back, while the Bear is still with Nana (formerly known as She Who Must Be Obeyed) and will be back early this week.  You can pray we all transition back to something that resembles our family before June 27th.

5.  We have had incredible care while here at TCH.  We also have had some great conversations about life, adoption, Maggie, faith, and so on.  For her sake and His, I pray her story goes far and wide - even wider than it's gone and with greater impact for the sake of His Kingdom than we will know this side of Kingdom Come.

Thanks for standing with us.

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  1. Praise Jesus! I'm so happy for you all! I will be praying for Day 5.