Thursday, July 3, 2014

For Aslan and for Narnia #MountainsForMaggie

Hospital rooms at 3:49 AM are basically inhospitable places.  I find that ironic in light of the shared etymology of those words.  I've been trying to gather my thoughts to put them in form of some sort.  The Queen is doing a fabulous job on the medical front and has basically provided an update in the afternoons on her blog (4 U Ruthie).

Some points - both low and high, all for prayer (please):

1.  Her fever has been better today but seems to still linger.  What is causing it depends on who you ask.  I'm tired of the asking and would love to get on to the answering but that takes time because cultures have to grow, etc.  You can pray for a clear diagnosis of what's happening.

2.  When PT came by yesterday, it seemed she had sensory abilities in her left side.  Her response to stimuli was more than reflex.  You can pray that sensory responsiveness becomes muscular control.

3.  Her right field of vision seems not to be online.  And I think she struggles to move her eyes to the right.  This opens up a completely different can of worms - why the right side?  That is possibly related to her previous brain bleed.  Possibly.  You can pray that her vision returns, in full, with no lingering problems.

4.  She's resting peacefully at the moment.  They might need to call security if someone else comes in and says how beautiful she is and then proceeds to mess with her.  Or drops a sample of blood so that they just have to get "a little bit more."  You can pray for ongoing rest, the kind that restores.

A good number of friends have been so kind to ask also as to how the Queen and I are doing.  Thank you.

We have a junk drawer in our house that is scary and dangerous and I don't open it unless I absolutely have to in order to find something that is crucial to the moment.  I won't speak for the Queen, but that's the state of my soul right now, with my emotional life being both scary and dangerous and best-served, at least for the moment, with only-open-upon-necessity sticker on the outside.

To all of you I say what I said to our Student Pastor at church and then to another dear friend:

There's this scene at the end of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Peter turns and looks at the army of the White Witch. Then he turns and looks at the centaur beside him. Peter asks, "Are you with me?" "To the death," the centaur replies. 

Then Peter bellows, "For Aslan and for Narnia!" and charges the field of battle into what looks like certain and sound defeat.  They are outmatched in number and weaponry and viciousness.  

But the only reason Peter had the courage to charge is because there was some idiot (editor's note, that's a 4am term with no filter - should've said crazy person) beside him who was willing to do the same. We are Peter.  The situation is the outmatched battlefield.  You and those like you are the centaur.  At 4AM, there is precious little courage or hope. But there are people beside us. 


For Aslan and for Narnia.


  1. Hundreds are praying. God sees and is in control. Peace to you and Ginny. Healing for Maggie. Thank you, Lord, for places where we need You and only You.