Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Morning Update and Prayer Requests

Just a very quick update for all those who are praying along with us and following Maggie's story:

We have an MRI in about 2 hours (10:30a).  We are hoping that it shows the miraculous intervention of God and that the lesions on her brain have disappeared.  We'll certainly take shrinkage.  We are praying against further complications.  Afterwards, we anticipate transfer to the rehab floor.

She is moving her left side even better and appears to have some right-side vision recovery.  Ongoing recovery would be incredible.  Her personality is back too - and that makes us smile often.

So, bullet form for all my engineer friends:

1.  Good results on the MRI

2.  Ongoing recovery on left side and right-side vision

3.  We get to the rehab floor today and can begin the intensive therapy that will bring God's full recovery to her little body.

4.  No bad stuff.

Thanks for all who are praying and standing with us.

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