Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dwelling Place

If you haven't read the most recent medical update in words that actually make sense, you should.  It's posted on the Queen's blog here:  Up-Down-Up-Down.

I have slept some weird places in my life.  Some of the more interesting include a shack on the side of a mountain in Ecuador, under a mosquito net in a full-size bed while someone next to me is vomiting so hard it's horizontal, and a brief nap at a train station that was interrupted when a machete fight broke out a few feet away.

And that was all on the same trip with my boy, SAG.

A little comedic memory relaxes my brain a bit, letting off some steam.  What's not funny is the stories we see around us and the people who are writing them.  We have stayed at the hospital all night, multiple nights, and encountered ugliness and hope.  We have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House a few nights, seeing cancer, despair, joy, and perseverance.  Some are inspiring.  Some are like eating too many jalapeños and the burn stays with you.  Some are simply nuclear in their devastation.

I read this last night and found the faith (and it's harder than it sounds) to offer a prayer:  Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.

"Father, I don't want to live in a hospital.  I want to live in You.  Whatever our circumstance are or become, please help You to be Home for us" (Psalm 90.1).

I couldn't shake the thought this morning after an early morning nap and even found the faith to pray it again.  Let it be.

Prayer Requests for the Morning:

1.  That the course of treatment with the Heparin would be just enough but not too much.  We want help in dissolving the clot but not too much so that we risk a new bleed.  It's quite the dance.

2.  Complete healing.  This morning, I'm still swinging for the fences on that one.  Thanks for joining us.

3.  That the Enemy would be chased away from this situation from every angle.

4.  For us to figure out which version of imaging is next.  MRI?  CT?  ABC?  XYZPDQ?  We have a good team following us and need to reach a clear next step for the next set of pictures.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

5.  The Big Three would continue to hang in there.  They are such great kids.

Thanks to all who are standing with us and staying with us.

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