Sunday, July 20, 2014

Five Love Languages

The Queen has posted a beautifully written piece about inspiring people who have been through awful circumstances with their kiddos.  Check it out here:  Those Who Have Gone Before Me.

I can be a pretty selfish guy, the kind that has the proclivity to think everything already revolves around me and if it doesn't than it should.

I say that to say this:  I have been inspired by the selflessness of our Framily.  If you're familiar with Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages, here are examples of each...

Words of Encouragement:

We got the sweetest note from a college friend who helped me the night we got engaged.  She and her family gather to pray for Maggie every night.  I'm not sure the last time we've seen her, it may have been her wedding.  But social media has allowed us to stay in touch and they are offering prayers from the East Cost.  Wow.

Acts of Service:

I haven't thought about (or had to think about) our house or food for our kids.  People have mowed the lawn, fed the dog, checked on this and that, and lined up meals for the kiddos and whoever is keeping them.  Multiple people have cared for The Big Three like they were their own.  Some of those people are blood-related, but not all.

Quality Time:

Some people drop by just to see the Minion and us and hang about for a bit.  Sometimes they have to wait for quite a while because of something going on in the room.  One friend came by yesterday with Torchy's Tacos for lunch and waited probably 90 minutes while we got some things settled.

Physical Touch:

While not exactly what Chapman meant, caring for our physical needs is a gift.  One Framily member said he can't cook brownies (that's his wife's doing), but he can exercise his nocturnal nature at the bedside while the Queen and I sleep.  Outside of a few nights where it was medically necessary for us to be here, he has taken shifts that have let us both get 5+ hours of sleep on any given night.


There have been gifts show up from the most incredible places.  Friends of friends bring by stuff because they have been following the story.  Old acquaintances send words of encouragement and other gifts.  It's all been amazing - so much so that when OT and PT come by, they don't bring anything to play with because the Minion has so much at her bedside.  A beautiful quilt showed up yesterday from ladies who have been praying and following along.  Incredible.

We are well-loved and do not walk alone.  Thank you one and all, those whose examples are mentioned and those who are not mentioned.  Most of all, thank you for your prayers and persistence in them.  The barrage heaven is receiving about Maggie's life is making a difference, "not overcoming [God's] reluctance but laying hold of His willingness" (Luther).

Speaking of prayer, here are some requests for the day:

1.  She may have a secondary infection elsewhere that is causing her some pain.  Please pray for a clear diagnosis and quick treatment.

2.  Left-side return, right-side vision restoration.

3.  I had the best 45 minutes with her yesterday while the Queen went to eat dinner with the Judge.  I'd love that 45 to turn into 120 or more.

4.  No new bad anythings.

5.  Her story to make a difference in people's lives, no matter how the chapters are written or the plot twists.

Thank you one and all.

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