Sunday, July 6, 2014

Giving out? Yes Giving up? No

With 24-hour bedside vigils the norm these days, time is both precious and powerful.  Precious because it puts us bedside and helps us know how to best help her and advocate for her in these days. Powerful because it reminds us how precious moments really are, helping us squeeze every ounce out of every moment.  Life tends to dull us.  Catastrophe and tragedy wake us up.

Time away from the bedside is also precious and powerful.  Precious because there's so little of it.  Powerful because even a moment or two of walking or brief conversation about non-hospital-life over cake from the wedding reception you didn't go to can be a refresher that gives you enough umph to get through whatever is next.

My father-in-law, who we'll just call Judge Davy Crockett, has wanted to be here and help but not be in the way.  He finally found a way to do both, as he was kind enough to buy a few nights at the Marriott across the street from the hospital.  In addition to the staff at the Marriott doing something ridiculously thoughtful (more on that in another post), it also is a place of respite and rest.  Others had offered to help with hotels (thank you - you know who you are) but the Judge insisted.

I went over about 6:30 last night and crashed.  I was awakened at 12:45am by the Queen.  She had apparently been trying to get a hold of me because the Minion was awake and even smiled some.  I hadn't heard a phone, text message, or anything else.  She had to come physically shake me to wake me up.  Even the timer I set to wake me up I had miscalculated on in the mental fog.  Couple that with a moment yesterday when our friend was asking a question and I completely zoned out, then had to confess:  "Can you ask me that question again?  I'm pretty sure I went to the Twilight Zone there for a minute."  I suppose my body was giving out.

I felt awful that I had overslept and even more awful that I had missed Maggie's most wakeful moments to date.  The body apparently really does have a limit.  As things settle down, we will get more sleep, I know.  And we are abundantly grateful for all the folks who have offered to sit with her.  I don't doubt there will be a day when we take some of you up on that.

Prayer requests to start the morning:

1.  The nurse just mentioned potentially getting to a "real" room instead of a PICU room.  Maggie apparently is doing so well that there's at least talk of that.  It's news to me, but also seems to be incredibly encouraging that she's doing that well.

2.  Ongoing recovery with her left side.

3.  No further injury.

4.  One more day until we get the full compliment of doctors back.  In particular, I think we're really interested to hear from Infectious Disease (confirming there's no infection hiding somewhere) and Hematology (with news on what their battery of blood tests have found about her clotting factors).

5.  Ongoing and recoverable physical strength for the Queen and me.

Thanks to all.  We are sustained by His power and your prayers.  We do not give up.  I'm ready to see this face again.


  1. Praying and believing with you Hendersons. Our God is sovereign, kind and able and I have been pressing into all three of those attributes with you these past many days. Please know there are so many in Waco who are knocking and asking...that healing might fully come to Maggie...for His Name sake. Much love, John Durham

  2. I heard y'all prayed for us. Thank you. Y'all are Aaron and Hur. Our arms are high because you are beside us.

  3. Doug Hankins led our whole LifePoint church family in prayer for Maggie this morning. And every morning my first thought is to pray for Maggie and for y'all. I've been praying since Natalie posted on Facebook the first time, and that evening Amy Parsley (one of my closest girlfriends) told me about y'all's story. We are standing in the gap for you - unknown but still a part of God's family! Jesus, just as you returned Jairus' daughter to life, please return Maggie to full health. Talitha Koum!