Thursday, July 10, 2014

Overnight Update: Like Breathing Air

Some great things seem to be happening in our little adventure.

Yesterday afternoon, we moved from the PICU to the intermediate care unit known as PCU (Progressive Care Unit).  That means our room looks more like a hospital room and less like a holding area.  We had some sweet friends come pray with us about the spiritual side of this, however it might be related.  With the Enemy's agenda to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10.10), the Queen asked them up in order to cover our girl completely.  It was a great time of intercession.

I think the Minion had the best day to date yesterday.  She was more alert.  Her eyes were wider open.  She seemed to track to the right past her midline.  She was more vocal.  And it looked like she fired her left arm and leg a few times.  She even recognized and sang (?) along to Let it Go with our friend.  (the fact that he sang along is a different story, but he's a dad-of-gals, so that explains a lot).

There is a lot of hope in all of that.

On our honeymoon, the Queen and I went to Mexico before it became CrazyLand.  One of the things we did while there was tour the cenotes, sink holes of fresh water.  One of them was about 25-30 feet deep and while snorkeling I thought I'd just swim down and look at this cool rock formation.

That was a great idea at the time.  The problem was, I ran out of air in my lungs and then remembered that I had about 25 feet of water to navigate above me before I could breathe again.  Scary moment for me, but it felt SO good when I broke the surface and gulped air.

Yesterday, with all the hope, was like that.  Air.  Breath.  Hope.

Prayer requests for the morning:

1.  No new medical "events" or stuff like that.  Protection for her.

2.  Ongoing recovery of sight and left-side usage.

3.  She has a blood draw this morning to track down some genetics-related questions.  Drawing blood has not been easy on anybody.

4.  The genetics-related studies they are now embarking on may or may not lead to an answer as to an underlying cause.  I don't pray we have a genetic issue.  But I do pray for an answer, a clear diagnosis.

Thank you all for standing in the gap, being beside us, rejoicing with us, crying with us, praying with us.


  1. Trent we are so happy she is showing improvements. You guys are in our prayers. Love you guys.