Friday, April 30, 2010

Mirrors and Magnifying

The more I get magnified, the more my flaws show.  The more God gets magnified, the more His beauty shows.

With a face like mine, you don't do much mirror-staring.  Shaving is about it, really.  The closer I get to any mirror, the more I see gray hairs and nose hairs and that whisker I missed and how much I probably should see a dentist soon.

The more God gets magnified, the closer you inspect Him, the more beautiful, compelling, and majestic He becomes.  To "magnify God" as the Scriptures command us to do is not to make Him bigger (He's already big enough).  It is to see His immensity as well as savor His beauty.

Lastly, the more God gets magnified, the more trustworthy He becomes in our eyes.  The more we lean into Him.  The more we press on to know Him.  The more we rely on Him.  The more we have confidence in Him.

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