Friday, April 16, 2010

Eating Right, spiritually speaking

God's Word isn't just Truth, it's food.  Consuming it provides the spiritual calories we need to do what Jesus calls us to do.

My daughter woke up this morning lethargic, moody, and generally not looking good.  We had a similar incident with one of our sons who, upon further inspection, had low blood sugar due to some liver issues.  After a few bites of cereal and a CapriSun, the girl is on the up and up.

So it is with the Bible and us.  Intaking it means we consume the calories we need to do good, love others, bless those who curse, pray for those who persecute, etc.  You can (try to) imagine being on a week-long fast and working out, assuming you're going to build muscle.  It's just not going to happen, physically or spiritually.

So consume the Bible through hearing - that's easier than ever via podcasts and the internet.  Our own podcast and internet sermons can be found on iTunes and respectively.

Consume through reading - I'm currently reading through the Bible in a different translation than I teach from, precisely because it's different and fresh (not because I'd agree with every jot and tittle of translation).

Consume through study - again, easier to do today than ever because of the resources available.  The hardest thing about studying these days is slowing down, turning off the media inputs, and putting our noses in the book.

Consume through memorization - there is a quote from Dallas Willard, one of my literary mentors, that says if he had to give up scripture memorization, he doesn't know if he could grow spiritually.  Do it.  Glue your fanny in the chair and don't get up until you have something in your brain.

Consume through application - one of the best ways to know that the Bible is true, is good, is right, and is worthwhile is by doing it (John 7.17).


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  2. I've been using Logos Bible software for study and I'm loving it. You can click on a word and it takes you to the Greek and Hebrew possible uses, plus it does a whole lot of other stuff. Very useful for a busy person like me who doesn't have the time to sort through books for study but still wants to dig deeper.