Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Midweek Memo 4.27.10

Dear Sent Ones,

You are a commissioned people. That commissioning is a part of the transformational work Jesus has and is doing in us. We don’t hear His voice, receive His grace, and then sit back until heaven. There is work to be done. Because we are His, we get to join His story and Him in how He’s working in the earth. It‘s why the Bible calls us “ambassadors for Christ.” So this week, live as people who have been sent as an emissary by a King with news for a listening people. When you step out and share in the places you go and with the people you encounter, do so with the confidence that the Father is pleased, King Jesus is in agreement, the Spirit is at work.

How in the world can we draw such a conclusion? Because the Kingdom of God is at hand, near, present, right here. The spiritual reality of that is a stunning reality. Whatever you need in that moment is right on hand: boldness, prayers, encouragement, insight. When we step out to minister in Jesus’ name, we can absolutely and confidently trust that the resources of the Kingdom are available to us as we minister. That’s not crazy. It’s Bible!

My prayer for you and me is that we live with that unshakeable confidence. From the bedrock of that reality, our footing is sure, even when we’re having conversations that stretch us or see needs that overwhelm us. The Kingdom is available through trust in the King. Let’s follow Jesus together.


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