Friday, April 23, 2010

More on God's Timing

God is hardly ever early but is certainly never late.  That is by design that our confidence would be in Him, not ourselves or our resources.

I was sitting watching the Caspian movie in the Narnia series and was struck (again) by the thought above.  Aslan shows up at just the right moment, but long after Peter had declared to Lucy that he had "waited on Aslan quite long enough" and led his troops into a defeat when they tried to ambush the castle.  

So it is with God.  He's hardly ever early but never late.  That keeps us dependent on Him.  It keeps us seeking Him.  It keeps us dialoguing with Him.  It keeps us hopeful for Him.  It keeps us focused on Him. Otherwise, we are prone to count our dollars in the bank (or 401k), count the contacts we can make, count the actions we might take to wield power, count the conversations we need to have for influence.  And we'd do all of those in the name of stewardship but without the dependent heart of the steward - the heart that knows a steward is someone who has received such things and is simply managing them, not owning them.  God forbid it in my life.  Keep me focused on You.  Amen.

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