Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sermon

Easter 2010
Mark 16.1-8

The women come to do something for Jesus but He is the one who does something for them.
  • Can you take Him for a teacher and not a Lord?  No.
  • Everything hangs on whether He rose from the dead, not whether you like His teaching or not.

The fact (of the resurrection) births faith (in the One resurrected).
  • Like veil, like stone – don’t fret on getting in because God’s already out.
  • There is no obstacle He hasn’t already moved.

Objection:  Death
  • Some say Jesus simply didn’t die.
  • The centurion said He did and His resurrected body got out of the tomb and walked to Emmaus.

Objection:  Body Snatchers
  • Some say Jesus’ followers stole His body.
  • This is the same crowd who deserted Him.
  • This is the same crowd that died for Him – and no one knowingly dies for a lie.

Objection:  Movement
  • Some say the authorities moved the body to a different place.
  • Why not produce it to quash the growing movement that still threatens your power?

Objection:  Location
  • Some say the women simply went to the wrong grave.
  • 3 of 4 Gospel records are clear they saw where He was laid.

Objection:  Record
  • Some say the scriptural records are inaccurate or fantasy.
  • The budding church has nothing to gain by the women as the first to carry the message.
  • Neither does the church gain by keeping the apostles’ foibles on record.

Response:  Surprise
  • This often happens to those who think they have Jesus figured out.
  • Even His own followers missed it – He can’t be contained or managed.
  • His invitation:  “Come and see.”

Response:  Guilt
  • Jesus wanted to see His disciples and them to know He was faithful.
  • These are the same disciples who deserted Him and denied Him on Friday.
  • You may have been unfaithful to Him, but He’s faithful to you.

Response:  Wreck
  • The mixture of emotions shows how big the Resurrection really is.
  • The women went on to be transformed and transform others through their message.
  • He will wreck your life so He can give you his life.

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