Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More on the Incredible and Idolatrous

It was pointed out to me earlier today (by 1 of the 4 people who read this) that my previous post made it sound like I was mad at Michael W. Smith or Paul Baloche.  For the record, I'm mad at neither of them.  They're both incredibly talented musicians and gifted songwriters.  We sang one of Baloche's songs this past Sunday in worship.  Amen and amen to all of that.  Please don't hear me calling for a banning of all worship songs or albums or anything of the like.

What I do need to clarify is this:  God loves us uncontrollably, zealously, passionately, and unstoppably.  No one would give us as much as He has given us in His Son if that were not the case.  The Spirit (in one of His greatest but least talked about ministries) outpours this love in our heart (Rom 5.5).  But He also loves us uniquely.

This kind of unique love sets us free, delivering us from ourselves.  The vast majority of people understand "love" as solely making much of the object of affection.  Thus, my issue with "He took the fall and thought of me above all."  If someone hears this differently, please let me know.  In this case, God would solely make much of us.  While He does indeed rejoice over us, celebrating us and investing glory and good in us, that's not the end of the story.  He liberates us from ourselves to return love to Him.

So no, I don't think He thought about me above all.  I think He pursued His glory in me by loving me with liberating love so I could glorify Him forever.  But, that's not exactly a lyrical hook, is it?

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