Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 4.25.10

Message with Authority
Mark 1.16-34

2 Big Pieces

  • Jesus calls us to Himself.
  • Jesus calls us to Transformation.
  • Jesus calls us to Community.
  • Jesus calls us to Mission.
  • He declares and manifests the Kingdom of God.
  • He teaches as a person who speaks for God, not merely about Him.
  • He exercises authority over demons on behalf of the helpless.
  • He ministers compassion by healing the sick. 

3 Implications

Message Size
  • If the message isn’t big enough to catch people up, then it’s not the Gospel.
  • Gospel:  Christ’s righteousness for our forgiveness, peace, deliverance and healing through His death and resurrection.
  • There is inherent authority in the message of the Kingdom of Jesus.
Expecting the (Un)expected
  • As it was with Jesus, so it was with His followers (Mark 6.12-13).
  • We don’t because we’re scared to fail.  Jesus makes failure survivable and viable.
  • We don’t because we have little or no faith.
  • We don’t because we’re not sure He works that way today.
First Things First
  • The point isn’t manifestation – it is declaration and salvation.
  • The point is to declare the Kingdom and have people enter the Kingdom through confidence in Jesus.
  • Part of the danger of signs and wonders is that it doesn’t take a regenerate heart to be amazed at them.

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