Monday, April 12, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday

Here was my outline.  You can also find this stuff on our church website

Prepare the Way
Mark 1.1-8

John’s Ministry:  Preparation

  • John prepared people for God to move among them.
  • John prepared people for the fulfillment of God’s faithfulness.
John’s Message:  Repentance
  • His message had a symbol:  baptism.
  • His message drew a crowd.
  • His message was rooted in God’s activity.
What is repentance?
  • Metanoia – rethink your thinking.
  • Changing thinking leads to changed actions and life (1 Thes. 1.9).
Who is God?  He is not who we think He is.
  • He’s not a wishing well.
  • He’s not my excuse for what happens to me.
  • He’s not irrelevant.
Who is God?  He is who He says He is.
  • He is mighty and worthy, but not for reasons we might assume. 
  • He is Son of God and Christ, the King who is our Savior.
What does God want? 
  • He wants to immerse us in His Spirit.
  • This is not primarily about manifestation.
  • This is primarily about transformation (Luke 3.10-14).

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