Monday, April 12, 2010

Master's Golf on Sunday

There are treasures greater than gold - those are the ones worth pursuing.

I watched, admittedly a little teary-eyed, on Sunday as Phil Mickelson birdied the 18th green and walked off into the arms of his wife Amy.  Amy continues to fight breast cancer and only made it out to the golf course on Sunday afternoon because of her strength levels.  They shared a long embrace - the kind that's so long that you get uncomfortable if you're watching because you feel like you're a voyeur.  Then came a long kiss and then some words that were private.

I think about that in relation to Tiger Woods and his adultery and his (hopefully) marriage-in-repair.  And I think about Phil and his third green jacket.  I think about how much Phil would trade for the health of his wife.  I'm not comparing the two men - Phil might be a jerk for all I know.  But that moment with Amy was powerful.

And then I think about the things that matter in my life.  Those are the things that matter.  Those are the things I want to pursue.

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  1. Great insights. Thanks for the encouragement in the things that matter.