Monday, May 3, 2010

Psalm 19, part 1

Pulsing with energy and mystery, the stars of the universe are communicating a singular message:  God is amazingly glorious.

I watched with fascination last night a Discovery Channel special on the universe and Stephen Hawking's thoughts on it.  For those of you who don't know, Stephen Hawking is the leading theoretical physicist in the world, the black hole specialist on the planet, and the smartest guy in any room.

Hawking talked about the power of stars, the energy still out there in the universe, and the deep darkness and danger of black holes.  Though, to my knowledge, he's not a follower of Christ, his explanation and the accompanying dramatization of how things happened, are happening and will happen in the universe made me think about David's take on the universe too.  The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky shows forth His handiwork.

Whether billions of years old or several thousand years old has been a debate for years now.  It's actually uninteresting to me.  I have my opinions, but they're just that - opinions.  What does matter, though, is the receptivity of my heart to the message in the stars.  Will my heart, life, mouth, actions respond mirror that message?  Will I say, "Yes!  Glory to God!"?

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