Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 5.16.10

Well, I didn't get all the way through the notes below, so the sermon from Sunday was truncated.  But we'll deal with the two Sabbath controversies next week (2.23-3.6), Lord willing.  Here are the notes from Sunday (5.16).  As always, you can find the sermon audio here:

Mark 2.13-28

Why are you hanging out with those people?
  • Jesus consistently works in the most unlikely places.
  • Jesus was comfortable around sinners – so why aren’t Christians?
  • Some are afraid of the risk of association – protecting their reputations.
  • Some are afraid of catching the sin disease – choosing fortress over mission.
  • In Jesus’ Kingdom, it’s okay not to be okay – it’s just not okay to stay that way.

Why are your people not acceptably religious?
  • Jesus does not bring stoicism on top of asceticism; He brings joy.
  • Jesus does not patch the old; He makes everything new. 
  • Jesus does not fit into our categories; He defines Himself to us. 

Why are your people not keeping the rules?
  • Sabbath was for resting, remembering, and reorienting around God.
  • Exalting the symbol reduces the need for a Savior.
  • Reducing a relationship with God to a checklist means missing Him entirely.
  • Discernment can see whether the precept falls in line with the two overarching commands:  God-love and neighbor-love.

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