Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to Basics

Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost.  He's still in that business.

We prayed as a staff yesterday through Isaiah 53.  As we were doing so, I was continually struck by the simplicity of the Gospel and my part in it - the root of the problem and the benefits I received from it.

I was the sheep who had gone astray.  I was the one who had walked after my own way.  It was my iniquity that the Father put upon the Son.  It was me who received the healing by His stripes.  It was me who had committed the atrocity that He bore, whereby He was crushed.  It was because of my sin that the Father crush Him.

But, gloriously, it's me who is the receptor of righteousness from Him.  It is me for whom He makes intercession.  It was me who received all these benefits and more from His hand.

Thank you Father for the beauty and benefit of the Gospel.

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