Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 5.9.10

As always, our webmaster extraordinaire makes the sermons available at:  With the limited number of notes provided below, you might want to get the sermon and follow along.

Through the Roof
Mark 2.1-12

Where are you?
  • Listening Crowd – hearing the truth and checking Him out.
  • Faithful Friend – bringing another to the Master.
  • Desperate Paralytic – offering nothing but hoping for anything.
  • Religious Observer – right answers but wrong assumptions.

What will it take?
  • Overcome the obstacle of others.
  • Overcome the obstacle of hindrance.
  • Overcome the obstacle of perseverance.
  • Overcome the obstacle of obedience.

Will you trust?
  • Do you believe that God always does what is best?
  • Do you believe that He gives us what we need?
  • Will you glorify Him no matter what?  

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