Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 5.23.10

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 5.23.10.  As always, you can find the sermon audio at or on iTunes.

A Controversial Sunday
Mark 2.23-3.6

4 Pieces that Frame Sabbath
  • Rhythm – a pace that sustains us.
  • Rest – a practice that sustains us.
  • Reflect – a place in God’s story.
  • Reorient – a perspective that readies us.

Pharisees’ Concern

Preservation of Institution over the people the Institution was designed to serve (2.24).
  •  Those who appeal to the law first are those who have something to lose. 

Position of prestige of being the gatekeepers of the right way to believe and behave (2.26).
  • Definitions of boundaries typically are used for self-justification and looking for loopholes. 

Power of condemnation toward those who don’t keep the accepted rules (3.2-4).
  • The rightness of a rule is contingent upon its tie to love for God and neighbor.

Jesus’ Response

Bible (2.25-26)
  • Both instruction and exception are included in the Scriptures.

Supremacy (2.27-28)
  • If your religious rules obscure Jesus’ glory, you’re an idolater.
  • If your religious rules conceal Jesus character, you’re ignorant.

Anger (3.5)
  • Anger is the appropriate response to wrong in the world.
  • Righteous anger is mixed with grief over its cause.

Healing (3.5)
  • Religion doesn’t inhibit Jesus’ agenda – the religious just miss it.

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