Monday, May 3, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 5.2.10

Audio to this sermon can be found here:  Jesus Goes Outside (our comfort zone)

Jesus Goes Outside
Mark 1.35-45

Jesus is at work outside our comfort zones today.  We are left with two options:  miss out or join Him.

Outside our Practices
  • His life and ministry are shaped by His practice of prayer, not vice versa.
  • Pray using the Bible as a guide.
  • Pray using the calendar as a friend.
  • Pray using the response of spiritual warfare.

Outside our Movements
  • He left the success of Capernaum for the ministry in unnamed townships.
  • His glory was coming, but first the Kingdom needed proclamation and demonstration. 

Outside our Ministry
  • He retreated and redirected, but He’s not aloof.
  • He stopped for someone who offered Him nothing.
  • He touched the untouchable, making clean the one who made Jesus “unclean.”
  • He healed the one who (possibly) deserved it least.

Outside our Command
  • We don’t understand His commands but are still accountable to them.
  • We can trust that everything He says is best for His Kingdom.  

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