Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spurring Conversation

Good conversations spur me on in life and ministry.

There are two places I pretty consistently have good, spurring conversations.  The first is at the lunch table.  I get the opportunity to eat lunch with different people and dive into topics that might not normally come up at lunch tables.  I try to go in with a key question or two that allows those things to come up if they need to come up.  There are times when I leave with a full belly and a full soul.

The second place I find spurring conversations with dead people.  Please don't think seance.  Instead, think people who have lived a life, gone before, and left behind a legacy.  They have books, letters, sermons, music, journals, thoughts, essays, poems, and speeches.  The reason those things are still around is because of the powerful force they unleashed in the world and the impact it had.  Ripples are felt from where their life met the water of existence.  Echoes are heard from where they sounded.  Impact.

And so if you don't have some people like that, you might want to find some.  It makes for good conversation.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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