Monday, October 29, 2012


Through my completely awesome wife, a.k.a. The Queen, we have connected with the homeless coordinator for students in one of our local (and large) school districts.  Out of 39,000+ students, some 1,100 are classified as homeless, meaning they have no physical address to call their own.

Eight of those students (4 in one family, 2 and 2) just got relocated to apartments in the area but sans furniture.  Our church, friends, and several people who just thought it was a good idea rallied behind these folks and furnished their apartments.

When the call came originally, I didn't know how much we'd get.  But I knew that if we didn't try, we couldn't very well call ourselves the church.  If God didn't provide, at least we took a run at it.

But He did.

And families were blessed.

And I'm one proud pastor, husband, dad, and friend.

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