Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 10.7.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 10.7.12, continuing the series called Clarity.  To find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio, visit  You can also find the sermon audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Part 5 - Content 
2 Timothy 3.16

Matthew 28.18-20: rationale for all we do, resources we draw from

Teaching to transform means teaching people how to obey Jesus.

  • One theme: God establishing His Kingdom among His people.
  • One hero: the Messiah.
    o Implication: the Bible can never contradict itself.
  • Transmission question: do we have accurate copies to study?
  • Translation question: do we have reliable books in our laps?
    o Implication: God is the great communicator and we can understand the Bible.

  • God-breathed these words, using personalities and perspectives.
  • Scriptures don’t are not just reporting, they are revelation.
    o Implication: demands obedience.

    You can agree that it’s Scripture and that God wrote it and even seek to understand it. 

    You don’t have a relationship with a book but with the God who wrote it. John 5.39

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