Monday, October 8, 2012

Confidence in the Bible

I enjoy teaching the Bible.  Maybe you'd expect a pastor to say as much, but I really do.  I like the study part.  I like the framing it up part.  I like the delivery part.  I like the how-could-I-do-it-better part.

But the thing I like most is seeing how it changes people's lives.

You know what makes that easy?  The confidence I have in the Scriptures.  Historically and culturally, the Bible keeps passing test after test.  Time.  Cultures.  Continents.  Languages.  Persecution.  Coups.  Shifts.  You name it.  The Bible has stood the test.

The stats are easy to find and verify.  We have thousands of copies of the manuscripts.  We have early copies of them (within a few decades of the events themselves).  On and on it goes.  It's easy to have confidence in something like that.  It's easy to stand and declare as Truth what God says.

And it's a privilege to watch it change lives.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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