Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sermon Notes from Sunday 2.27.11

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday's message.  We continued the series on worship while jumping off from the book of Mark into Revelation 4-5.  To view these notes in PDF and get sermon audio, visit  You will also be able to get sermon audio on iTunes via our podcast.

Lean Forward
Part 2 – Sing!
Revelation 4-5

The people of God have always been a singing people (Mark 14.26). 

Environment of Adoration
  • Component #1:  Singing
    • We worship Him because He made us (4.11).
    • We worship Him because He saved us (5.9).
    • We worship Him because He transformed us (5.10).
  • Component #2:  casting our crowns (4.10).
  • Component #3:  involvement of our bodies (4.10).
Environment of Declaration
  • Dynamic #1:  we say things that are true about God.
  • Dynamic #2:  we remember what He has done.
  • Dynamic #3:  we encourage one another.
  • Dynamic #4:  we instruct one another.
  • Dynamic #5:  we intercede for one another.
  • Result:  we often hear the voice of God through others.

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