Tuesday, February 8, 2011

300th post...

Well, dear reader, I'm not sure how we made it this far but this is the 300th post of this blog.  I've known it was coming for some time and have been working on thinking of something profound to say or offer some cool illustration from the daily files of Trent's walk with the Almighty or even some numerological insight tied to the number 300.

I have none of those.

Sorry for the let down.  You probably want more than anything to slam down your coffee cup in disgust and swear off this blog forever (that's how passionate I picture all the readers, hanging on every word I type).

But in case you're still here, let me offer two things...

First, thanks for letting me process life out loud here.  You reading it, responding to it, and occasionally sending it to someone else really is an honor.  Really.  So thanks.  I started this blog last Easter, thinking I'd try to say something helpful.  It's ended up helping me as much as anyone.  Highlight of the past 300 posts:  75 of them belong to the NT75 Challenge.  I love hearing the stories of how God worked in that time.

Second, the basic message of my life is that the Kingdom of God is available through Jesus and in it, the Spirit transforms us.  Because of that, everything must change.  And everything will.

Thanks for being here.

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