Monday, February 21, 2011

Midweek Memo 2.22.11

Here is this week's column for our church's Midweek Memo...

Dear Church Family,

What a great time of worship on Sunday. Thanks for your continued responsiveness and readiness. I look forward to the rest of the series and hearing God speak to us about worship as singing, celebrating Communion, and giving. Just to give you a warning: we will intentionally be shaking things up some to remind ourselves that it's not songs, order, or any other item on our agendas that make it worship. What makes it worship is the anticipation of God’s people meeting with Him and responding with our allegiance, affection, and action.

And because we are and will be a people who worship with more than our lips, we are providing an opportunity for action coming up in April. We’re calling ourselves, as a church, to engage in concentrated service at Eagles Lift Ministries, some great folks who help unwed moms. Please set aside the first three Saturdays of April for this Season of Service. We have opportunities for all ages, shapes and sizes. There are things to paint, to pick up, and to plant. We’ll fix some stuff, help some folks, and put feet to our confession that worship is more than singing.

And one more note of explanation on our prayer bowl. For those who might not have been there this past Sunday morning, there is a big bowl in the front of the room. We’re inviting you to fill out prayer-commitment cards and drop them in that bowl any time you’re in the room. Cards are available right by the bowl and in the bulletins on Sunday morning. This is our commitment as a church to remind ourselves to pray for the lost and hurting around us. Every time you see that bowl, you’ll be reminded that Jesus is still in the business of saving sinners. We get to join Him in that process through praying and sharing. Dropping a card in the bowl won’t change anything. But praying will, because God listens and enjoys the incense that is the prayers of the saints (Rev. 8.2-4).

Thanks for being the people of God. I can’t wait to see what all God does in the future in us and through us.

Leaning forward, 

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