Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lost Tribe...Now Found

This is quite a story.  Apparently, a Brazilian plane flew over some jungle area and found these folks.

They are a lost tribe.  As in, they don't have a registration, a bank account, a Social Security number, a credit score, a driver's license, an identity.  Obviously in their own structures and family settings, they do.  But to the world at large, they are a group of primitive gatherers lost in the primordial environment of the rain forest.

On a spiritual scale, that's us.  We're lost in our own little world and customs, traditions and norms.  We have our systems and connections and in that sense have an identity.  But we are lost to the greater reality:  the Kingdom of God.  We are lost to the "really real" or the "true reality."  We are lost to the fact that God holds everything together by the Word of His power.  We are lost to the fact that we live and move and have our very being in Him.  

And here's the Gospel.  God didn't fly over in a plane with a camera.  He entered right into the jungle of our existence.  He didn't bring the internet or new farming methods.  He gave His life.

That's how we, the lost, were found.

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