Friday, August 20, 2010

Single or Married and the Kingdom leads this morning with a story about singleness.  46% of households in the US are maintained by single people.  Bad news for you ladies:  for every 100 single gals, there are only 88 single men.  Of course of those 88, maybe only a few are worth pursuing a relationship with.

Some guiding thoughts from the Bible on all of this...

Singleness isn't a curse.  For those who are single by choice or circumstance, the Kingdom of God is still available.  We partied last night at a single mom's house who is a widow raising three kids.  She's great and going a fabulous job at life.

Singleness can free you up to pursue Kingdom things.  Obviously if you have kids, it's more constrained, but if you're 40 and have a great job and are single, you're free to go to Haiti or Burma or Pakistan on mission without much notice.  You have the opportunity to stay out late with lost friends or spend a Saturday driving a homebound widow to the store, the cleaners and the store again for all the things you forgot.  Married folks have their own ministry to the family, but they also have less freedom in the above scenarios.  It's a trade-off in many ways.

Singleness requires the same life of holiness as anyone else.  There are no excuses, no outs, no permissions, no different standards.  It is holiness that God requires - holiness of body, heart, mind, soul.

Lastly, just because a person is single now doesn't mean single forever.  Even later than you hoped or thought, God can bring Eve to Adam.  While you are single, take great advantage of the opportunities God provides.  Those opportunities often shape you into who you'll be in marriage.

But that's me thinking thoughts...

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